Meet The Captain

Aaron’s passion for sportfishing runs deep. His father, Henry, introduced him to fishing as soon as he could hold a rod and reel. Northern Ontario is where it all started, chasing Pike, Walleye and Bass. When Aaron discovered that there was a Salmon and Trout fishery in Lake Ontario, well let’s just say that a monster was created!

Henry soon started a charter business in the early 80′s and his first mate was his son, this is where the journey began for Aaron. Pursuing King Salmon has become a life long passion of Aaron’s and the years of practice has certainly paid off! Combining technology and good old-fashioned know-how will ensure that you and your group have a fun, successful, and EPIC fishing experience.

Aaron has a real passion for Salmon fishing in Lake Ontario and hopes that he can provide you with an Epic day of sportfishing and the thrill of landing the big one!!

The Boat

Doing battle with King Salmon can be done from any boat, but this is not just any boat! Our boat is a 9 meter Trojan. She is fully rigged with the best gear money can buy. Safety is always paramount while on the water and although extremely unlikely, in the event of an emergency the captain and crew are fully trained to deal with any and all situations. They can run (or swim) but they can’t hide! Top of the line electronics and equipment help to put the fish where we want them, on the DECK!

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Excitement, The Rush

We’ll make sure to take out out on the lake for a great time. Let’s have an excellent day!

The Great City of Toronto

A summer highlight to be out on the water with the Toronto skyline. Fantastic photos!

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